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Mafia III free and paid DLCs detailed

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2K Games and Hangar 13 have detailed the additional content that will hit the Mafia III game, both as free downloads as well as the other paid DLCs.

Mafia III Sign of the Times

Among the free content there will be new costumes, more weapons, races and additional options of personalized license vehicle. Among the new weapons, the contents of gold weapons will be unlocked and everyone will get “Judge, Jury and Executioner” after 30 days of the game launch.

Customization options vehicles include new wheels, custom fees and different paintings and decorations as well as improvements to performance. The races, meanwhile, allow you to earn extra money, access to even more options for customizing the car and get different rewards.

Paid content will include three expansions in history, which will also incorporate new vehicles, more weapons and other content for players. The season pass will cost $29.99 (price not confirmed in euros, but is expected to cost at similar rate of 29.99), but they may also be purchased separately.

The expansion “Faster, Baby!” focuses on cars and spectacular chases. Lincoln, the game’s protagonist, is reunited with Roxy Laveau and join forces to overthrow a corrupt sheriff terrorizing defenders of civil rights.

The expansion “Sign of the Times” puts us on the track of a series of ritual murders. Lincoln receives the request to investigate what is happening by father James Hand.

Finally, the expansion “Stones Unturned” bring back a cruel rival to the city of New Bordeaux. Therefore, Lincoln will join forces with the CIA officer John Donovan and put an end to a story that began during the war of Vietnam.

Mafia 3 will debut on October 7 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Mafia III Faster Baby Expansion

Mafia III Guns

Mafia III Vehicle Customization