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Mafia III Devs Open New AAA Console Development Studio in UK

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2K Games created Hangar 13, responsible studio for Mafia III, at the end of 2014. Since then, the studio has been in charge of several projects with acceptable results. Although the company has gone through some difficulties, it has just taken a new step to consolidate its presence in the industry.

Hangar 13, the studio behind titles like Mafia III, opened a new division in the United Kingdom, which will be responsible for the creation of various AAA titles for consoles. The subsidiary will be in charge of the developer Nick Baynes, who has more than 25 years of experience in the industry.

Hangar 13 Brighton will collaborate with the rest of the company’s teams. As for its current project, there are no specific details, but it is a fact that they are working on a game for consoles not yet announced.

With this, Hangar 13 is present in the United Kingdom, Novato (California), Brno and Prague (Czech Republic). “The Brighton team’s existence is based on an opportunity we saw. We have a project that we are really excited about. And 2K is really excited about. The timelines for this project have changed over time. We are now in a position where we know what we want to do, and how long we think it is going to take,” said Andy Wilson, a member of the company.

The creative explained that all 2K studios have their own personality and that they have good communication between them. With the creation of the new subsidiary, they seek to create better games, which are recognized both by specialized criticism and by the community of players.

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“There is no overall 2K model around how a studio must operate, or what its identity must be. Everything is very much a Hangar 13 strategy designed to help us build our specific games,” Wilson added.

For his part, Baynes is convinced that the Brighton studio will become one of the most important in the region. With it, they will look for something successful for the future while giving the opportunity to the new talent from the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, in February of this year, there were personnel cuts in Hangar 13, the good news is that apparently, they will continue with a firm footing in the industry. As for 2K Games, reports claim that a secret studio is working on a new release of BioShock.