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Mafia III Cassandra: The Voodoo Queen Trailer Revealed

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2K and Hangar 13 has released a new trailer for Mafia III titled “Cassandra – The Voodoo Queen,” the second in a series of six features based on the upcoming open-world crime game rolling out in the coming weeks. This feature highlights Mafia III’s mysterious and ruthless Cassandra, one of Lincoln Clay’s three lieutenants who join forces with him to dismantle the Italian mafia.

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2K Games and Hangar 13 have released a new trailer for Mafia III to present a very intriguing character, which apparently will have a major role in unraveling the history of the game. Ruthless, Cassandra, called as the Voodoo Queen, she is one of the three lieutenants of the protagonist of Lincoln Clay and her only objective to oust the Italian mafia in the New Bordeaux.

In “Cassandra – The Voodoo Queen,” get an inside look at the motivations of the Haitian mob’s alluring “Voodoo Queen” and her relentless plans to destroy New Bordeaux’s human trafficking trade, no matter the cost.

Recall that Mafia III is coming out on October 7 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Mafia III is set in 1968 in New Bordeaux, a revised version of New Orleans with smaller pretty cars, clothes and antique music. After fighting several years in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay discovers the truth: the family is not with who you are born, it is for those who die. Now, back in New Bordeaux, Lincoln has to deal with his criminal past.