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Mafia 3 New Video Reveals The Mechanics Of Driving

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2K Games has recently released an original trailer of Mafia III, which focuses on driving vehicles of the time. Special care for sensations was brought, so as to offer a certain inertia for the cars we drive.

Mafia III Screenshot

Rather promising on paper, Mafia 3 will seek to propose a strong universe, rich in atmosphere and at its script. Also, Hangar 13 development team continues to tell us more about their game, to present the work done on a host of details.

The publisher 2K Games unveils today a new trailer for Mafia 3 which this time focuses on the operation of vehicles, specifically in the city of New Bordeaux. Among other things, the developers of Mafia 3 have focused their attention towards the city of New Orleans, where a parallel character makes into a contemporary protagonist of the story.

The new trailer released by 2K Games explains that driving the vehicles will not be fully arcade oriented. Instead, each vehicle of the 1960s will have its own inertia, its own mass, requiring several minutes of adaptation.

In goal, the development team seeks to provide chases while skidding, like featured in films of the era with Steve McQueen.

Recall that Mafia III will be marketed on 7 October 2016 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.