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Mafia 3 gets a new 12 minutes of Gameplay Video

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The IGN website has published an exclusive gameplay video of Mafia III, commenting for the coup by the creative director of this GTA-like game that takes place in the late 60s. It is an opportunity to give an idea of ​​the type of missions that we shall have to carry out in-game.

Revealed for the first time in August 2015, Mafia 3 is similar like the GTA-like series from 2K Games that plunges us into a huge universe and worked in a generally more rooted history than that of the Rockstar games.

Mafia 3 Screenshot
Mafia 3 Screenshot

The website IGN has published a novel gameplay video not less than 12 minutes of commented gameplay by Haden Blackman, the Creative Director at 2K Games. Although being a pre-alpha, the graphics rendering is already rather alluring, particularly in terms of environments and other light effects.

Lincoln Clay, the main protagonist of this new adventure, is set to be honored, in the context of small missions in New Orleans at 1968. Our former soldier will have to integrate an African-American family and will face the Italian underworld. The gameplay looks pretty nervous with contextual actions rather hasty and rather dynamic gunfights.

Remember that Mafia III is due for release in 2016 on our current PC, PS4 and Xbox One gaming console. Watch the new gameplay trailer below: