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Mafia 3 – Family Trailer

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Mafia III is the next game edition but still its release date is not revealed yet. Official game trailer is out that explains a bit about this game. Mafia is a quite popular series that revolves around a gangster story life. The new edition somehow brings a lot of twist and impressive graphics. A new video trailer of this game titled Family means it will be based on a revenge based story. The central character Lincoln Clay appears in the trailer.

Mafia 3 Screenshot
Mafia 3 Screenshot

Mafia 3 gameplay is based on various major and small mission. Depending on which further story proceeds. It would be really impressive to have a gameplay video so that players can figure out a bit more about this upcoming game. It looks like there is a long time for this game to release. The game trailer is at the end of this article. The official site does not tell much about the same. Yet only the trailer is released. There are many changes in the game that makes it better for players.

Mafia III might appear somewhere in the first or second half of the next year. City used in the game is New Orleans. It offers you amazing environment where you can listen to good music and nightlife. There might be gambling based mission in this game as well.  It is necessary to give it a touch of a gangster look. There are ample of twist and turns in the game that adds enough thrill. We have to wait back to get a few more gameplay video of Mafia 3.

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