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Madden NFL 17 free to play this weekend on PS4 and Xbox One

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Looking for something new to play? Then you should know that Electronic Arts has announced that this weekend you will be able to play Madden NFL 17 completely free on any next generation console.


Madden NFL 17, the EA game released on August 25, 2016, is available free of charge from 7 to 10 October on Xbox One and PS4. This is only a trial version in order to continue playing the game after 10 October, you will have to buy the title.

According to information given by EA, all players of Xbox One or PlayStation 4, without having Xbox LIVE Gold or PlayStation Plus will have the opportunity from now and until October 10, to try Madden NFL 17 without paying anything.

Players seeking to advance quickly in a season can take advantage of “Play the Moments” (the fastest way to play Madden NFL 17) to advance in the game with key opportunities and profits.

Remember that this is the full version of the game, not a simple demo, so you can get the full experience of Madden NFL 17 before going ahead to purchase the title from Electronic Arts.

Madden NFL 17 debuted in August and during their first week the title managed to be placed as one of the most highest sold game in the UK.