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Mad Max Stronghold Trailer

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Mad Max is a new game that is based on Mad Max movie. A new game trailer is revealed in Gamescom 2015 that you can see at the end of this article. Mad Max is an action racing game that brings up a very distinct lethal environment to survive. A lot of characters you will see are similar with one that you had seen in a recently released movie. The game looks quite promising and we can expect a lot of adventure in the same. As we checkout the movie background it is based on a place where the planet is destroyed and ruled by clans of insane people who drive weird cars and vehicles. The game is having exactly the same theme. The video shows a deserted place, baddish vehicles and a lot of action. In Gamescom 2015 only the game trailer is revealed. There is not much information about its release date so far. We cannot expect this game to appear in this year. This announcement trailer is short and mostly gives you a glimpse of games.

Mad Max Cover
Mad Max Cover

It would be lot better if we can get a gameplay video that would tell players more about Mad Max Stronghold. Along with action and racing stuff the game is also going to have a lot of new things players can go for. Like they can go with car customization and make a lethal vehicle. They can add a variety of things in the same. They can build a brutal combat machine with various parts.

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