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Mad Max – PS4 vs. PC vs. Xbox One Graphics Comparison Video

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Mad Max was released on September 1st, 2015. A video is shared by DigitalFoundary on YouTube that shows a graphics comparison between PS4 edition, PC and Xbox One. This will let new buyers to choose the best gaming platform in future. The video shows a simple side by side comparison. If you are having a high end gaming PC then there is nothing much to worry. Texture would be best depending on the video settings. Here the video shows a simple comparison in the gameplay of Mad Max among console and PC. The game looks very nice on all platforms. It looks less buggy and graphics wise there is not much difference. You can see that in the video at the end of this article. Here, in case of Mad Max, it is not about the graphics but it’s about the most comfortable platform you want to use for playing games.

Mad Max Game Screenshot
Mad Max Game Screenshot

Compared to PC many players prefer to go with consoles due to playing this game comfortably with controller. But this does not mean that PC editions are having low audience. When it comes to console, PS4 and Xbox One almost look similar. But Xbox One has a bit upgraded quality that let players to get more realistic gaming output. The game is tested on 60fps on 1080p resolution on pc. This means that it is having relatively nice hardware to provide this much output. And if you are having a mid range or low end system then this quality will be lower than that is shown in the video.

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