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Mad Max Patch 1.01 download now available

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Mad Max has got a new patch version that is 1.01. This new patch offers a variety of fixes and enhancements for the game. The patch size around 400MB in size and download is available on PS4. That is not relatively high. The patch logs reveal a lot of information what new fixes it is going to add in the game. In the story mission there would be some enhancement. There would also be improvement and fixes in cutscene and in-game languages. Also there will be some fixes in the game dialogues. With this the patch is also going to resolve a variety of issues in Wasteland Missionaries.

Mad Max Game Screenshot
Mad Max Game Screenshot

With this, the patch will bring more game stability when players load the save game. This would be lot faster. Full patch log is given below.  Mad Max is an amazing vehical combat game that takes you to a huge open world with variety of mission and objectives. This upcoming game is going to release on PS4, and Xbox One. It will be also coming out on Windows and Linux based PC. The game offers you amazing world to discover.

Mad Max Patch 1.01 Logs are given below:

  • Story Missions: Enhance Story Missions flow, dialogue, cut scenes and languages
  • Wasteland Missions: Enhanced Wasteland Missions flow, random encounters and camps.
  • Stability: Save/Load system and game wide stability was improved upon.
  • GUI/HUD: Fixed some button callouts and icons that were not displaying correctly.
  • Open World: Fixed several issues with NPC assets, camera manipulation, currency gathering, vehicle combat, collision, movement and fast travelling.
  • Animations: Multiple animations were tweaked for Max, Chumbucket, the garage and open world assets.
  • Audio: Voice Over timing was tweaked
  • Capture Mode: Fixed camera clipping into the world issues specific to Capture mode
  • Leader boards: Fixed some instances of cutoff text in the Opus Wars leaderboards.
  • Pause Menu: Tweaked several settings and options selections
  • WBPlay: Improvements in service connectivity.