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Mad Max new 80 minutes Gameplay Video

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Mad Max video game release date  is set to September 1, 2015. The game is coming out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux. There is a video on YouTube that offers you around 80 minutes of continuous gameplay that tells a lot about the game. Mad Max game is based on the movie storyline where it offers you a vehicular combat action based gameplay. It looks great from the video part. We will be having both racing based game and with that third person action at the same time. This would be the first game that is based on the movie series offering competitive gameplay. It would be really impressive to see what new things this game is going to offer. With combat the game also brings a lot of crazy vehicles to drive. It is not yet clear whether this game will be having any open world or free play section with side quest.

Mad Max Video Game Screenshot
Mad Max Video Game Screenshot

Mad Max game is going to release in the month of September with many other big titles. The game is designed around Wasteland. It is the same area that we had seen in the Mad Max movie. It is a completely devastated wasteland controlled by maniacs. The central character has to make his way out from this. This won’t be simply easy. It is more interesting to see how those vehicles will be in this game. In the movie itself many of those verhicles were loaded with heavy weapons and artillery. And with this another important part that matters is vehicle customization that lets player to load a variety of extra things.

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