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Mad Max: Fury Road as an 8-bit arcade game Video released

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Very great success of George Miller, the recent Mad Mad: Fury Road is the subject of a video that summarizes the film as if it were an NES or Master System game. Lovers of big pixels and of chiptune, this video is for you! Released just a few months in theaters, Mad Max: Fury Road ran as an excellent return of the license of of George Miller. More impressive and explosive than ever, this road movie has scored to numerous spectators.

Mad Max Fury Road as an 8-bit game
Mad Max Fury Road as an 8-bit game

While the movie is now available on DVD/Blu-ray, the CineFix YouTube channel released a video that sums up the entire film in 8 bits, like a video game of the 80s on NES or Master System. Nevertheless, some worthy sprites of the 16-bit consoles are also present.

The result is quite nice and gives an arcade-like look, leaving one to imagine that it would make a good video game.

Recall, however, that Avalanche Studios has recently developed Mad Max, a prequel to Fury Road, which also draws on the first three films of the franchise. Watch the video below