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Mad Box Controller Concept Images Showcased

We continue talking about the Mad Box, the new next-gen console by Slightly Mad Studios, author of the Project CARS series. Ian Bell, the company’s CEO, has now shown on his official Twitter account the first concept design for the controllers that will accompany the console.

Ian Bell specifies that this is a simple concept, but in all likelihood the final version should look a lot like what is shown today: the design features sinuous shapes reminiscent of the Xbox One controller and joypad of companies such as Razer and Nacon, moreover as the console in this case we find a riot of colors and LED lights, combined with a display whose use should vary depending on the game.

In early January Ian Bell showed the design of Mad Box and claimed to have behind a great investor who will help him produce this next-gen console apparently more powerful than PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

As can be seen in the pictures below, which Bell has now published via Twitter, you can see on this LED display, among other things, whether the controller has been successfully connected to the Max Box and what is really cool, a virtual keyboard, game overlays, such as the currently inserted Gear in a car when you play a racing game on the console.

If the LED display is also integrated into the finished controller, we hope that the battery of the controller will last long anyway, because if not, even the most beautiful LED display does not matter if you have to recharge the controller after a few hours.

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