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Mac PC Owners can download Sims 4 for free

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Sims 4 was released last year in the month of September. This game offer you many real life events. Now if you own a Mac pc then you can get Sims 4 for free. It deal is only for Mac version. And you can get this through Origin. To get the game you have to add Origin in your system and login with your account. Then you can click on MyGames tab where you can find Sims 4. Just click on the same to download. There are few things you have to check before getting the game. First the game has no backup support on Origin. That means in future if you restore your Mac pc you will be losing all your save games files, achievements and addons in it. You have to take a backup manually. Compare to Mac, Windows users are having support to backup their Sims 4 game data on Origin Cloud. This saves your time. All played level are not lost here. I had provided detail below through which you can simply backup the Sims4 save game file. There is one more news for those users who had bought Outdoor Retreat game pack. If you have this one then also you can get the game for free.

How to backup Sims4 Save Game on Mac:

  • Launch Finder and in that open the Documents Folder.
    You have to search for Electronics Arts folder here. Open it and in that you can find Sims 3 folder.
  • Inside you can find Saves folder. Just select it do not open it.
  • Then h
  • it the Apple key from the keyboard and press C to copy it. Paste the entire folder in any place you want for backup.
  • After restoring your Mac  pc you have to re-install the game and just replace the Save folder. That’s it.
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