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Luigi’s Mansion 3 New Gameplay Clips & Official Website Revealed

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Nintendo has recently opened the official Japanese website dedicated to Luigi’s Mansion 3, in which some video clips from the title were published.

The website has a curious design based especially on the game, where even a loading screen shows us our charismatic and terrified Luigi running from his ghost chasers; In addition to many other details.

The website also leaves us with some new official gameplay clips of the title, which you can see below. In addition, we can take a look at several moments in multiplayer. In short, to be simple, alone or with a band of friends, it is hard to get bored! For those who will go through the dematerialized box, the size of the game has been unveiled.

Helped once again by Professor Strambic, the reluctant Luigi will have to make his way through the various floors of a mysterious hotel. Players will be able to use the new Poltergust G-0M to slam and blow away ghosts, or summon Gommiluigi, a very green Luigi look-alike who can overcome all kinds of obstacles.

It will also be possible to play the game with eight players, divided into four Nintendo Switch consoles, in the Tower of chaos mode, online or locally (additional game copies are required).

Remember that Luigi’s Mansion 3 will release on October 31st exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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