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Loud on Planet X releasing on PC and PS4 on April 19

A project created with the help of Kickstarter collection – mentioned at this page – Loud on Planet X officially arrives on PC, PlayStation 4 and also on Android and iOS platforms.

Explaining how they arrived at such a very simple title: the developers have confessed that they have reached the idea in mind when they played very old arcade titles by choosing to listen to their music rather than the title.

Patapon, Rhythm Heaven and Plants vs. Zombies have given the rest to give life to this interesting project that combines the rhythm games and tower defense at the same time.

Loud on Planet X will be stuffed from independent artists like Purity Ring, METZ, Metric, July Talk and others to discover once in possession of the title, which among others was seen to have as the GDC and the Pax East. The aim of the game is to defend against hordes of aliens simply by touching the music and use a wide range of weapons such as speakers, strobe lights, smoke machines and other special attacks.

The title is developed by Pop Sandbox, a Canadian team based in Toronto and is expected on PC and PlayStation 4 on April 19 and on platforms of iOS and Android at April 21.

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