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Lost Sphear first images and details of the game setting and characters revealed


The official Japanese website of Lost Sphear has beend launched by Square Enix, providing the first information and details of the game setting, characters and battle system.

Lost sphear will be set on a planet made up of memories: When a memory is fading, also the corresponding part of the world ceases to exist making it “Lost”. When something becomes “lost” it is transformed into a sort of white mist and can not be restored by human beings.

One of the protagonists will be Kanata, a boy with the “power of memories,” that, with the help of his friends, will try to prevent his city and the whole world becoming “lost.” The combat system will be based on that of I Am Setsuna, and movement on the battlefield will play a key role. Tokyo RPG Factory also revealed some of the main characters:

Kanata: He has the power to rebuild parts of the “lost” world. He is armed with a sword, puts his skills to the service of the empire and is in search of his mother, who died when he was a child.

Lumina: Childhood friend of Kanata, for which she shows deep affection. Skilled in martial arts.

Locke: Childhood friend of Kanata. He is very skilled in manual work (especially in the construction of weapons) and uses a crossbow.

Vahn: A mysterious boy who created a magic weapon called “Bits” which is excellent for both offensively and defensively.

Lost sphear will be released in Japan during the autumn, and will arrive in Europe in the early part of 2018 on the PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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