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Lost Soul Aside Indie Fantasy Action Game Inspired by Final Fantasy XV

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Video games are also a source of inspiration, and this happened to an independent developer of Korea, Yang Bing, who after seeing a trailer for Final Fantasy XV decided to create his own work.

Lost Soul Aside

So now, Bing 2 years ago saw a trailer for Final Fantasy XV, and that inspired him to work on his own game, Lost Soul Aside. The title, which has a very similar character of Noctis also has a game system inspired by the Ninja Gaiden of Tomonobu Itagaki, and we do not want lie when we say that it looks stunning.

“2 years ago I saw the trailer of FFXV which really amazed me, and I show FFXV to every friend and tell them this is what game looks now,” Bing said through Twitter. “At the time I saw the trailer of FFXV, I wished that I can make a game like that, so i make FFXV as a model for me.”

However, do not expect it to be a copy of the game of Square Enix, as the independent developer has other plans. “I have to say that I’ll change thedesign in the future, make it look more unique, FFXV taught me how to walk and I have to walk my own way.”

In addition, we must consider that Bing took two years to create Lost Soul Aside in Unreal Engine 4, without any help. However, according to the independent developer, it is far from completing his project.

At this time, Bing has not defined the platforms he will launch Lost Soul Aside on, but it is well worth keeping track.

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Lost Soul Aside Pictures

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