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Lost Ark New Updates, Classes, Modes

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Lost Ark new updates and  features powerful, adaptable characters that you can control to fit any playstyle – just like every other MMORPG from the extensive game catalog.

The game offers five overarching classes and 15 different specializations so that you can choose from a group of fearsome fighters and spell-slinging mages, each with their unique qualities. In this article, you will learn about the latest updates, classes, and modes in Lost Ark. 


Classes & Subclasses in Lost Ark

Following is a list of classes:

1. Warrior

  • Berserker: The Berserker is a highly deadly warrior thanks to his greatsword attacks and hard-hitting defense, but his burst mode allows him to be all but unstoppable. As a result of this enhanced state, they can increase their attack and movement speed and unlock a special attack that deals a great deal of damage.
  • Gunlancer: As a result of their defensive stances and shields, Gunlancers guard their party from enemy attacks. Although their gun lance is a powerful weapon, their actual value lies in the way they protect allies and absorb damage.
  • Paladin: Paladins can support their teams or use their holy skills and buffs with the holy book to punish their opponents.

2. Martial Artist

  • Scrapper: The Scrappers use heavy gauntlets to deliver non-stop destruction with two inverse attack energies. These superior predators are well balanced enough to throw enemies off guard with their attack, defense, mobility, and lasting power. 
  • Soulfist: Combining melee and ranged attacks with the Soulfist can produce explosive combos. Adamance is a special energy that they can channel to imbue themselves with abilities or use to sustain themselves during battle.
  • Striker: Strikers are martial artists who attack their opponents like a strong wind. He is physically skilled and fast; he uses powerful elemental skills to beat his enemies and displays beautiful aerial combos after striking them. 
  • Wardancer: Wardancers are not merely masters of martial arts but are aided with elemental power to fight with lightning quickness. With their elemental power, they can launch devastating attacks and defy gravity.

3. Gunner

  • Artillerist: Artillerymen blast their enemies with firepower and a lot of it using some of the most powerful weapons on earth. Despite their mobility, they compensate for it with heavy armor, massive mechanical launchers, and other hard-hitting weapons.
  • Deadeye: The reckless attitude and triple-wielding playstyle of this tricky rogue might lead you to believe that he has a death wish. You shouldn’t worry about it since it’s just for their opponents. Several different types of weapons are available, such as a shotgun, a double-action handgun, and a rifle.
  • Gunslinger: At any range, gunners are deadly opponents since they have a variety of guns and can easily switch from one to another. Gunslingers are quick on their feet with catlike reflexes, are hard to catch, and can unleash a flurry of bullets on the unwary foe.
  • Sharpshooter: Those who use sharpshooters use mechanical bows with arrows with special effects to attack from a distance. They can survive for a long time because of their high survivability and agility, and they are excellent at exploiting enemy weaknesses due to their stealthy machinations.

4.Mage- Lost Ark New Updates

  • Bard: The Liane harp, a powerful musical instrument, makes Bard’s masters of soothing melodies that heal their teammates and inflict pain on their opponents. Although their attack power is rather low, they are a valuable member of any team thanks to their ability to support allies.
  • Sorceress: Sorceresses have powerful magic that combines three elements and can deal area damage. They deal more damage than most other characters, allowing them to dominate battles.
  • 5. Assassin

  • Deathblade: A Deathblade is a type of assassin who wields a total of three swords as well as chaos power to slash their enemies swiftly. A series of fast-paced combo attacks led to death by a thousand cuts from the light dual swords and longsword.
  • Shadowhunter: Shadowhunters’ shapeshifting into robust demonic species and unleashing chaotic power allows them to take down demons. Shadowhunters unleash their inner demons to unleash incredibly destructive powers and gain increased energy, strength, and speed.

Modes & Updates

In Lost Ark Proving Grounds, you can choose from 4 different PvP modes, including the co-op battle, competitive, normal and custom mode. 

1. Normal Match

In a normal match, you have three additional options to choose from. There are team deathmatches, deathmatches, and team eliminations. One to three players take part in team deathmatches and team eliminations. 

A single player is involved in a death match. However, you will not get many chances to earn Lost Ark gold from these matches. However, you can buy Lost Ark gold from a trusted source like MMOPixel. MMOPixel offers the quickest delivery and affordable rates.

2. Competitive Matches

You can climb the rank ladder in Competitive Matches by collecting points each time you win instead of other modes. However, if you lose a match, you lose those points. 

In this sense, the rankings can change depending on the number of wins. Winning matches takes you to the upper rank, while losing matching takes you to the lower rank.

3. Co-op Battle

 Lost Ark offers a cooperative experience that lets you form a group of up to four friends and go on quests together. It’s the game’s most important element. 

Many players still choose to play alone, despite the game being intended for multiplayer play. It is how you can experience the Co-op aspect of Lost Arc if you’re a player. 

The co-op opens every day for two hours with different maps. I tried it today as a solo player, and it’s a battleground. We played 6v6 on a map with two lanes and some objectives to earn points for our team. 

4. Custom Game 

In Lost Ark, you can also play custom games. You can play these games with friends. You have two additional options in the mode. Your options are to search for a custom game or participate in a custom game. You can play with your friends, choose the option that you want and enjoy.