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LocoRoco 2 Remastered for PS4 announced

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Sony has decided that the best way to preserve their classics is by remastering them to take them to current generation platforms. According to reports, the company has no plans to stop, so they have announced a remastered version of LocoRoco 2.

After an intense night during its E3 2017 conference, Sony has announced that LocoRoco 2 will arrive on PlayStation 4 as will the first part of this endearing adventure. At the moment it has no release date or other details to highlight, but have shown captures of the title that you can check at the end of this news.

At the moment, Sony has not shared any more details about this release. However, if we let ourselves be guided by the remastering of the first LocoRoco, this new version will surely present support for 4K resolution and a new control system.

LocoRoco 2 will be compatible with PlayStation 4 Pro, so the game will be available in 4K resolution. Another important fact left by the image shown in this article is that it will be available on PlayStation Store and, therefore, can be purchased in digital version for those who wish.

LocoRoco 2 debuted in November 2008 exclusively for PSP. The game is very similar to its predecessor; Nevertheless it presents/displays innovations like new characters and features never seen before.

Although it is disappointing that there are no more details, still we have shared its first screenshot that you can check at the end of this article.

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