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Lizard Squad Founder Could Spend More Than 2 Years in Jail

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Zachary Buchta, one of the founders of Lizard Squad, was pleaded guilty to several criminal charges in federal court in the United States. For this reason, prosecutors recommend a sentence of 30 months in prison for Buchta if he continues to cooperate in the investigation.

At the trial, Buchta admitted that he was one of the founders of Lizard Squad and PoodleCorp. In case you do not know about him, it is 2 groups of hackers who in exchange for a fee (usually $20 USD) harassed the victims of their customers. In addition, they attacked online services such as PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE.

It is important to note that, in his statement, Buchta does not mention the attacks that Lizard Squad executed on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE on Christmas 2014. That said, the hacker did take responsibility for a false bomb threat to a flight where John Smedley was traveling, the former president of Sony Online Entertainment.

This legal process began in September 2016 when Zachary Buchta was arrested after one of his victims testified that, for 30 days, he received calls in which the Lizard Squad threatened him with killing his family and destroying his home. A month later, the US federal court filed charges against Buchta and his partner Bradley Jan Vilem Van Roy for “conspiracy to commit damage to protected computers.”

As you remember, this is not the first time that Lizard Squad members are facing justice. In August 2015, 6 adolescents from this group were trapped by the National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom (NCA) after using a tool to affect different websites.