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Little Town Hero for Switch Game Length Revealed by its Director

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In little less than 2 days, Little Town Hero, the new production of Game Freak, the creators of Pokemon will debut. By presenting an RPG style, anyone could expect that the expansion of the title would be great. However, thanks to a system that departs from the traditional one, the title will have a slightly shorter game length and will be equally less repetitive.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, the game’s director, Masao Taya, when questioned about the possible duration of Little Town Hero estimated that the adventure could last 10 to 12 hours for those who adapt faster to the system combat, while there will be those who dedicate more, like 15 to 20 hours.

As Game Freak had already mentioned, this title will not be focused on an experience in which grinding will be indispensable; on the contrary, it will provide a slightly different style of play. According to him, developer, he no longer plays so much not only for the responsibilities of adulthood, but also because the design of the RPG makes the maps very large and that the player spends time fighting with weak opponents.

“So with Little Town Hero, we’ve been careful not to prepare maps that are infinitely huge, or maps filled with opponents that can defeated just by spamming the attack button. Instead, we’ve aimed for an interesting battle system that really makes you consider how to go about defeating your enemy, each and every time,” said Taya.

Little Town Hero will releases on the Nintendo Switch eshop tomorrow on October 16.

What do you think of Taya’s statements? How about the estimated duration of Little Town Hero? Will you buy the game on the Nintendo eShop? Tell us in the comments below.