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Lindsay Lohan Loses Her Lawsuit Appeal Against GTA V

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After a legal dispute that has lasted many years, Lindsay Lohan insists on using all the legal resources at her disposal to keep alive the lawsuit against Grand Theft Auto V, however, today she received a new setback because a Court of Appeals rejected her most recent request.

According to a report from Reuters, the Court of Appeals in New York rejected the appeal lodged by Lindsay Lohan’s defense attorneys after her lawsuit against GTA V and Take-Two did not bear fruit.

Lohan’s appeal was rejected in a vote in which no authority was in favor and also took the opportunity to confirm that there is no legal justification, at least in the state of New York, so that Lohan can sue.

In that sense, Judge Eugene Fahey stated that although there is a possibility that a computer image or representation could be considered an invasion of privacy under New York law, the specific case of Lohan and GTA V is not appropriate because the Rockstar game shows a generic image of a twenty-year-old woman and there is no reference to the Hollywood star.

Lindsay Lohan in 2013 had already sued the publisher, accusing it of having exploited her image illicitly proposing in the game the graphics transposition of one of her shots, obviously without her permission and without corresponding to anything.

At the time, Rockstar had dismissed everything by declaring “she just wants to get attention,” but the actress’s lawyers later extended the initial complaint.

With the 6-0 vote, yesterday the Court of Appeals ruled that the representation has nothing to do with Lohan. The ruling states that this artistic image represents only the stereotype of the appearance and personality of a young modern woman. It seems therefore that it would have nothing to do with the actress.

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