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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII new Patch supporting high resolution on PC available for download

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Following requests of PC fans, Square Enix has released a new update for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which now supports resolutions above 1080p. The latest update of this RPG adventure also gives us the option to enjoy the game without having to connect to the Internet.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Screenshot
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Screenshot

The PC version of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII received a new update, with the introduction of higher resolutions that was completed. The following resolution settings have been added: 3840 × 2160, 3200 × 1800, 2880 × 1620, 2560 × 1440, 2400 × 1350 and 2160 × 1215. At the same time Square Enix has also pointed out that the selection of a resolution that your monitor does not support, leads to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 is reproduced with the maximum possible resolution supported on the monitor.

It is also mentioned that “Depending on the resolution settings selected, the game may suffer considerable drops in processing speed or cease to boot properly. It is recommended that you play using resolution settings suitable for your PC’s specifications.”

In addition, the new update makes sure that when starting the game of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13, it no longer requires internet connection. “As LIGHTNING RETURNS FINAL FANTASY XIII is a software title that supports SteamCloud, it previously required an online environment for play. We have listened to your feedback, however, and added in the ability to boot the game in an offline environment as well.”

Some users have also asked Square Enix still for more advances in this adaptation of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, for example supports for the mouse, which is an option available in their predecessors.

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