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Life Is Strange 2 confirmed to be in development by Dontnod

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Dontnod has announced, via a video shared on the official channel of the series, a new chapter of Life Is Strange that is currently in development.

After a first season that had particularly attracted the players and the press, Life is Strange will be back with a new game. It was already under development for some time but the studio Dontnod Entertainment has just officially confirmed the game through a video and a post on the Square Enix blog.

“As a thank you to the over 3 million of you who bought our game,” can be read from the description of the video with Michel Koch, Raoul Barbet and Luc Baghadoust related to the announcement, “we’d like to share some special news with you…”

For the moment, development has just begun. They already have a direction for the story but Life is Strange 2 is not ready to go out yet. Currently, a good part of the team is dedicated to Vampyr, which is expected to be released at the end of the year and  the number of staff is therefore not available for this sequence.

There are no details now or about the timing related to the launch of the new Life Is Strange (confirmed, however, that it will not be present at E3 2017), nor about who will be the protagonists and if there will be any links with the original.