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Life Changing Hair Care Advice to Live By According To Beauty Icons

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You know what they say, your hair is indeed your crowning glory. Quite frankly, we could not agree more! Just think about some of your most favourite celebrities – how sleek and shiny their tresses are. Do you ever wonder how they achieved it? We totally get you. What better way to get tips and tricks for life changing hair care advice from beauty icons themselves, right? Don’t we all want to know what goes on in their respective hair care routines or their go-to hair care advice?  

Even with an extremely chill outfit or zero make up on your face- as long as your hair looks great, you can get away with almost anything. Hence, without further ado, here are some proven-and-tested life changing hair care advice from beauty icons themselves. 

Take Your Vitamins 

On the surface level, this might seem like advice that is more applicable to body care or your lifestyle. However, here us out when we say that aside from your skin or your body, it is equally important to keep your hair nourished, too. This is precisely why icons like Katy Perry and Jennifer Anniston swear by this healthy hair tip : Take your vitamins every single time. In fact, do not think twice about spending a little extra on a specialized supplement formulated specifically for your hair. 

Need Volume? Massage Your Scalp 

We love silky straight hair just as much as appreciate sexy waves – that’s true. However, contrary to popular belief, silky straight is just not the same as having flat hair. If this is a problem you are trying to address – the answer might be one of the steps actress Aubrey Plaza includes in her hair care routine : Massaging her scalp. Yes, you read that right, if you are feeling low on volume, massage your scalp so that blood flow could be better and eventually improve your hair’s growth. 

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Replace Styling Products with Conditioner 

At this point, it is highly likely that you have already gone through tons of hair product reviews trying to find out which styling products work best with your hair. Here is a tip Shanina Shaik’s hair stylist  pulls off every one in awhile – if you ever find yourself short on styling products, use a conditioner instead. Rumor has it that it works perfectly fine as a substitute for quite a number of haircare products such as pomade or styling gel. 

Break Down the Build Up 

Sounds a little gross, but do you ever notice that sometimes, your hair just smells a little iffy after all the styling and products it has gone through? This is because of the build up of various products on your scalp. Now, here is a quick and easy fix to get rid of that. The cool part is that Ariana Grande and Chrissy Teigen swear by it too. Grab a sheet of alcohol-free hand wipes and wipe it through your hair several times. 

Colored Hair? Moisturize Twice A Day 

If you have intensely colored hair, it might be a great idea to moisturize it as much as you would ideally moisturize your face – which is twice a day. Dubbed as the “golden rule”, make sure to put on a few drops of light hair oil on your tresses to keep them healthy and shiny. Adding a catalase supplement to your diet can also help your hair to keep the natural color and prevent it from turning grey prematurely. And in order to make the hair care routine complete, use the products of Nature Republic. This Korean brand has hair, skin, and body care products, and all of them consist of only natural ingredients.

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Which among these tips for life changing hair care advice do you find the most useful? Let us know in the comments!