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Lego Worlds, a competitive game for Minecraft, available now for download

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Minecraft is quite a popular game. And from long time this game is not having any competitive title. But Lego is all set to release a very similar type of open world game called as Lego Worlds. This game will give you an open world to construct, create and write your own story. This would the first time Lego will be giving you a virtual world of using Lego bricks. Lego Worlds is an open environment game that is based on Lego bricks, which will be used to create things in a huge virtual environment. Minecraft on the other end gets a bit basic in front of this upcoming title. Many of you will find Lego Worlds very much similar to Minecraft, but there is some exception.

The game is available for download on Steam from here in the form of Early Access Game. The cost is $14.99. As per steam description it is a fully open world game that will let you to do anything depending on your creativity. You can create new things and enjoy this game for hours. Game Developers will be adding a new sharing feature through which you can build and share your constructions with others. Early Access will offer you full game feature instantly after launch. A RC version of this game will be launching up in the start of year 2016. Before that an Early Access version will be out with full feature for the games to test it. Following is the list of features that we found on steam.

Features of Lego Worlds:-

  • Like/Dislike system for tailoring World Generation
  • Procedurally Generated Underground Cave Networks
  • LEGO ID integration to allow for sharing and uploading of in-game builds
  • Additional Biomes
  • Painting Themes
  • Pre-Generated Towns/Villages/Settlements relevant to the Biome
  • Updated AI Behaviors to provide organic feeling to free-roaming creatures and characters
  • Red Brick Extras
  • Full liquid behaviors
  • Additional Minifigure Characters and Creatures
  • Additional Vehicles and Pre-Built Models
  • Additional Weapons
  • Cut/Copy/Paste chunks of landscape
  • Underwater Gameplay (including Vehicles, Creatures and additional sea life)
  • Character Customizer
  • Online Multiplayer”
  • What is the current state of the Early Access version?
  • “The Early Access build currently features:
  • Procedurally Generated Worlds
  • Terrforming and Building tools
  • Discoveries and Unlocks
  • Rideable Creatures and Vehicles
  • Day/Night Cycle”
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