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LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Review (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

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Between adventures in far distant galaxies, searches for ancient treasures, magic lessons, dark knights made of bricks, lost rings, Jurassic dangers and so on, the guys at Traveller’s Tales have almost touched every movie licenses/comics that human mind can imagine. Here also we are now projected in the Avengers world. The developer TT Games have decided to consider, once again, the Marvel universe and create a sort of tie-in completely dedicated to the two chapters of the Avengers series, together called LEGO Marvel’s Avengers.

LEGO Marvel's Avengers Review


LEGO Marvel’s Avengers traces more or less faithfully the storyline of the two films released in cinemas respectively in 2012 and 2015. The title begins with a prologue section of Age of Ultron, making players to become familiar with the controls, and then project the player in the history of first film that starts with the theft of the Tesseract by Loki and ends with the invasion of New York by Chiaturi. But being a product with a target linked to relatively low age, the programmers have decided to replace the most “violent” scenes with classical interludes seen in previous chapters, therefore instead of bullets and explosives there will be present alternative solutions, surely nice and able to snatch a few laughs. Unfortunately we are in the presence of skits not just with rare workmanship, so users who have dealt with the various previous chapters may experience that feeling of “already seen.”

Lego Marvel's Avengers Wallpaper


The control system is absolutely not changed for the occasion. LEGO Marvel’s Avengers offers the same type of gameplay seen in previous episodes, therefore you will end up to take down hordes of enemies, solve puzzles using the collaboration with other characters on the screen and little else. The fights are scanned by the ability to dodge the enemies relying on classic rolled while encounters with evil is merely solved thanks to the practice of button mashing. You can also combine attacks with peers, interesting feature but not new as it is picked up by several episodes emerged over the years. There is no shortage when several Quick Time Event will have to be mastered and above all one can seee the non-interactive moments in perfect cinematic style.

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The game’s longevity is guaranteed by two fundamental characteristics: backtracking and the presence of two hundred playable characters. To complete LEGO Marvel’s Avengers 100% is in fact necessary to revisit the areas previously explored and exploit the abilities of the new characters unlocked in order to reach previously unreachable locations, unlocking artifacts and much more, all also marked by the presence of several secondary missions completely inspired by films related to individual heroes. Expect therefore to relive some situations seen in productions dedicated to Captain America, Thor and Iron Man.

As mentioned a few lines ago, TT Games has decided to thicken the roster of characters in a truly incredible way. It is, however, necessary to emphasize that the presence of such variant is slightly turned up to their heights. It happens very often that you are controlling the heroes virtually cloned, therefore you will see many people being able to control the elements, rely on firearms and so on. They are present in over the new versions of the Marvel heroes, such as female and others like Thor. We are in the presence of added stuffs very little inspired that go to make the presence of such a large number of characters completely useless.

Lego Marvel's Avengers Photo

Excellent but the presence of an editor can give the opportunity for gamers to create their own hero from scratch. Users can then choose the appearance, the attacks and the weapons available to use later on your virtual alter ego set according to their own desires.


Needless to say, the true leitmotif of Lego Marvel Avengers lies in the collaboration between human players. The dynamic split screen works once again extremely well, thus addressing the puzzles and the various fights with real friends is definitely incredibly hilarious in a practical way.

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However, it happens to run into a few sections where the second player is not called into question at all, for example during the epic battle between the Hulk and the Iron Man Hulkbuster. Your partner will simply enjoy the show without the possibility of doing anything in any way.

Lego Marvel's Avengers Pics

Technical and Graphics Rendering

Little to say on the technical sector. The graphics engine is the same as seen in previous chapters, therefore do not expect any particularly innovative solution. Animations instead are excellent related to the various characters, incredible and above all very close to the real counterpart. TT Games has actually been able to give the players a truly incredible thickness. We were amazed at the number of Iron Man armor available, but also the transformation of Bruce Banner in Hulk, definitely worth mentioning.

Lego Marvel's Avengers Capture

We’ve noticed some problems related to the management of the camera, not really perfect and an AI of low level enemies, boss fight included. It is clear that the title points purely for a younger audience, but we would have preferred a higher level of challenge.

However, the audio part is great, always in perfect line with the light-hearted adventure tones.


Lego Marvel Avengers is definitely a very enjoyable title, especially suited to fans of the Lego bricks and the lovers of Marvel characters. Being fun and engaging at the right point, the new adventure of TT Games does not offer anything truly innovative, but merely make use of the same solutions of the previous titles, all but embellished by the presence of a really huge roster.

If you look for innovative adventure then you are wrong side of the pool, unless it is your first time with the LEGO video game franchise. If you want to relive the exploits of the Avengers in Lego format through an epic long-lived and light-hearted gameplay, then Lego Marvel’s Avengers is what’s right for you.

Rating: 7.5/10