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Learn as You Play – These Word Games Sure to Boost Your Language to Next Level

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English a Universal Language, and there are tons of ways to master it. You can level up your language through books, classes, lingo apps and many other sources. However, one thing I guarantee you for sure is the fact that the majority of the population hasn’t thought about advancing their vocabulary skills through the use of the latest word games. Well, now you do as we list down the two major word games to enhance your vocabulary. We have also listed some unscrambling tools to aid you in finding new words and to level up your progress.

Scrabble Go – You will be allowed to play the classic scrabble game, which you love and adore. With the presence of tiles, the official board, and word dictionaries of scrabble, the Scrabble Go promises an authentic and unique delivery of crossword gaming experience, of-course when we are beginners, we probably used cheat apps on Scrabble. The same cheat sites are available for Scrabble Go as well. The app is modern and quite updated with the latest tweaks, including the game modes of four fast-paced. The Favourite feature is available to stay connected. Chat emojis and exclusive phrases are available for use to be more expressive.

You can also collect playable tiles and make personal customizations. You can land stunning tiles by unlocking chests. Limited and newer tiles are added quite often to the game through updates. Four new interesting word games are present in Scrabble Go for more fun and learning. The added word games are Duels, Word Drop, Tumbler, and Rush. You can utilize powerful boosts to level up your gameplay.

You can compete in arena tournaments to make your way to the top of the leaderboard. You can compete against the computer in the practice mode to find out new strategies, hacks, and tactics. You can also track stats, longest words, average score, and best plays from your profile page. You can compete more and unlock many collectible items and arenas.

Words with Friends 2 – This game is free to play but incredibly hard to master. The game is updated with the latest word games, rivals, and themes about twice a month. You can join in with team games that are fast-paced to test and analyze your skills in word-building during the lightning round. You can play with your friends and families or against an opponent through the feature of the smart match. The players have to find the words that are high scoring on the board and fill up the puzzle of crossword-style.

You can also test and make improvements on your word skills, vocabulary, and spelling against themed characters of WordMaster through events of Solo Challenge. The WordMaster gets harder to beat as you move up the ladder. You can also partake in a team of about five players and participate in a match to obtain the most points first for winning. The game has the biggest update within the dictionary that covers about 50,000 new words.

Unscramble Tools That You Can Use to Aid Yourself in Locating New Words

Words Unscrambler – This tool is solely created to help you obtain the words that are the highest scoring for scrabble and Words for Friends 1 & 2. You have to enter the present letter tiles to allow the search engine of the website to locate and unscramble all words that are valid from the given selection of words.


Word Finder – This tool engages you in finding the best available cheats as well as words that score the highest for games such as Scrabble Go and Words with Friends. This tool will help you solve the jumbled-up letters. The tool does not require any downloads and is absolutely free to use.

Bonus Tools – You can also try other unscrambling tools such as instawordz, UnscrambleNow, ScrabbleWordFinder Guide ,Scrabble Practice

Summing It Up

Scrabble Go and Words with Friends 2 are the two hottest games in the arena of Word Games now. They are jam-packed with tons of features and other fun stuff. They are equally fun and educational at the same time. The games will level up your language in a matter of a few months to its highest potential.