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Leaked Image suggests that Necromancer could arrive in Diablo 3

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Necromancer could be the protagonist of the next expansion of Diablo III, at least according to a leak unveiled by Blizzard Gear. On the same website it was discovered the existence of a concept art related to Diablo showing two characters of the Necromancer class.


Recently, a picture of a possible new class for Diablo 3 appeared on the official site of Blizzard Gear. The illustration has now been removed but many media’s were able to save it in advance.

The picture shows the signing of John Mueller, art director at Blizzard, and the name of the file actually contains the word “necromancer”. The picture is of a male and a female character who may invoke an army of undead soldiers.

According to some speculations, the Necromancer class could be introduced with the upcoming expansion of the game, which could be announced at BlizzCon, held on 4 and 5 November.

It is speculated that the figure shows a new class for Diablo 3. Thus it is possible in the game to play as a male or a female variant of a particular class. The undead soldiers do also remind of enemies expansion like Reaper of Souls.

In recent weeks a rumor had spread that they wanted David Brevik and Bill Roper to get involved in a new project with Blizzard, it is not therefore ruled out that the two names in question are working to bring back the Necromancer in the world of Diablo. Obviously, as reported it is only the result of speculation, so we are waiting for a confirmation or denial.

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