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Leaked image of Emma Stone in Death Stranding released last week was fake

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Last week on the web an image was leaked taken from an alleged trailer of Death Stranding that showed a female character from facial features very similar to those of the actress Emma Stone. Today the insider Nibel has denied the originality of the picture and shows the source of the shooting that was provided.

Last week, a supposed image of the actress Emma Stone appeared as the character of Death Stranding, the new work of Hideo Kojima for PS4. It is not the first time that the introduction of the actress of La La Land in the distribution of the title has been rumored, but it has been proved that the photo is false.

The offending frame is taken from a make-up tutorial videos inspired by Death Stranding, the girl protagonist of the video is obviously not Emma Stone, so the image does not show the actress in the new trailer for the game of Hideo Kojima.

The youtuber has clarified that in no case they wanted to deceive anyone with the photograph and that they have not been the ones that have established the relation between the image and the possible participation of Emma Stone in the new game of Kojima.

However, the rumor on the participation of La La Land movie star in Death Stranding continue to circulate persistently, the leaked image in each case should be considered false.

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