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Lead Designer and Assistant Designer leave Nintendo Software Technology

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Nintendo Software Technology, the studio known as NST that has signed games like 1080° Avalanche for GameCube, Metroid Prime Hunters for Nintendo DS or the latest Mini Mario & Friends: Amiibo Challenge, has suffered the departure of several key members.


It seems that things are not going well on the side of the NST (or Nintendo Software Technology), the American branch of Nintendo based in Redmond. Indeed, a member of the site NeoGAF, Shikamaru Ninja, revealed yesterday that two key employees of the development studio just resigned. This is Stephen Mortimer, who was the chief designer, and Paul Kranich, assistant designer.

The studio was responsible for Project H.A.M.M.E.R. for Wii, a game that never saw the light and brought out tensions and important differences between Japanese studio supervisors and workers, mostly Americans. Since then, NST has collaborated in the development of games and their latest projects have been small games in downloadable format and in principle, it seems that the future is for mobile games.

Apparently, Stephen Mortimer and Paul Kranich, chief designer and his assistant, respectively, have left the studio. The information comes from a user of NeoGAF who in the past has given reliable information from the industry.

Hirokazu Yasuhara, who came from Sonic Team, has also left the studio. Recall that the latter had joined the ranks of Nintendo of America in 2012 after working for various companies such as SEGA (from 1988), 2K Games, Naughty Dog and Bandai Namco Games Inc.

Furthermore, Shikamaru Ninja added that Big N would now already start recruiting designers and developers for the NST.

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We will keep you informed.

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