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LawBreakers could arrive on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

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Cliff Bleszinski, director of Boss Key Productions, confirmed today that LawBreakers will not be a PC exclusive title, as it will also arrive on PlayStation 4 in late 2017. Before the arrival of the game to consoles, no doubt more than one player will be interested in knowing if the title will debut on other systems, such as Xbox One and Switch. Fortunately, Bleszinski talked about this point recently, as well as the possibility of cross-play between PlayStation 4 and PC.

For starters, the developer clarified that he had hesitated to announce a version for consoles, as he needed a “great partner” for the project. In the end, Boss Key opted to work on this version of LawBreakers internally. “You need Cliff in front of the TV, hands on the controller, giving feedback. You can’t outsource that,” said Arjan Brusee, director of operations for the studio.

For his part, Bleszinski mentioned that LawBreakers will not have cross-play between PlayStation 4 and PC. This is due to the differences between the controls of the platforms, which could represent a disadvantage for the console player. “It does play slightly differently because you can’t always directly compete with the pacing of keyboard and mouse,” added the developer, “but with a game that’s so hectic, I actually still enjoy the PlayStation 4 version immensely.”

Regarding the possibility of seeing the game on other consoles, Brusee commented that Boss Key is a small studio, about 65 members: “We’re not Call of Duty with five studios and 1,000 people.” This is the main reason why LawBreakers is confirmed only for PlayStation 4. About the debut of the title on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, Bleszinski commented: “Anything’s possible.”

LawBreakers does not yet has a release date, but apparently Boss Key plans to launch the game simultaneously on PC and PlayStation 4.