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LA Noire for Switch Day One Patch Weighs 14GB, MicroSD Card Recommended

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Through its website’s support pages, Rockstar Games has revealed the LA Noire file size for Nintendo Switch, revealing that the retail version will require a mandatory 14GB day-one patch download.

This extensive upgrade will be mandatory as it includes essential data for starting the game to fix some bugs. The update can be installed on a MicroSD card (recommended) or in the console’s internal memory.

The Digital Edition will instead weigh 29GB with the included day-one patch, but it can only be installed on an external memory card, as the size exceeds the amount of free space on the system.

LA Noire is not the only game for Switch whose physical version requires an additional download. For example, all those who want to play NBA 2K18 must download an additional 16.1 GB file; while the DOOM cartridge will only include the campaign, and its multiplayer will be offered as a digital download.

LA Noire for Nintendo Switch will also present new features by taking advantage of the gyro and touch screen of the hybrid console. Also, it is important to know that this version will run at 1080p in TV mode, and 720p when using the portable screen.

Recall that LA Noire will be available on November 14 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and VR on PC.