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Konami Files A Trademark Application for Silent Hill in Canada

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Silent Hill could return soon to consoles and PCs. Konami has indeed trademarked the brand in Canada, with the application proving to be under the heading of video games.

The Silent Hill saga is one of the most popular video games in the franchises with the enormous success it has had at launch and for how it has opened a new sector in the narrative storytelling of adventure games. Many years have passed and the saga has never been revived, but now Konami has launched some details that could make it go in the right direction.

The Japanese company, in fact, would have Trademarked in Canada the title of “Silent Hills”, last July 2019. Not only has it registered a brand, but according to some local sources it would have been categorized as “Video Games” and “Computer Games”.

This news has greatly impressed the historic fans of Silent Hill, despite the fact that the registration of the name alone does not mean that the Japanese developer is actually ready to launch a new product.

The last chapter of the series, Silent Hill: Downpour, is from 2012, the year in which the production of new chapters of this saga stopped. After seven years, it is possible that some development companies might be interested in developing a new chapter, which would be a sure hit for its players.

Recently, Mashiro Ito, a creative who was part of Team Silent Hill, said that he was interested in making a remake of the game.