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Konami Announces New Silent Hill: Escape Slot Machine

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Konami has announced the return of Silent Hill: Escape, but in a more than frustrating way for video game fans: it is another slot machine for the Japanese market.

The company continues to strengthen its gaming segment with a slot machine of that exploits the brand of its celebrated horror saga while the company seems to have forgotten about it after Kojima left.

Tom Jingoli, executive vice president of Konami Gaming, has praised this slot machine and its design with the following statement: “Everything, including its shape, screens, betting surface, and available merchandising, has been engineered to maximize both player experience and operational results. This latest cabinet is a first glimpse at great things to come from Konami.”

Silent Hill: Escape Slot Machine

While we will have to keep waiting to see if Konami decides one day to recover one of the most beloved and respected sagas in the history of video games, whose last installment was Silent Hill: Book of Memories for PS Vita in November 2012, although some months earlier, the most traditional Silent Hill: Downpour came out.

In recent news, Mashiro Ito, a creative who was part of Silent Hill Team, said that he was interested in making a remake of the game. On the other hand, Konami has trademarked in Canada the title of “Silent Hills”, last July 2019.


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