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Kojima Shows Death Stranding To Guerrilla Games, Impressing Devs

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Kojima flew to the Netherlands to show Death Stranding to the guys of Guerrilla Games, impressing them.

Hideo Kojima went to show Death Stranding, his latest work, to the guys at Guerrilla Games. If you remember, about three years ago it was announced that Death Stranding would be developed using the Decima Engine, which is the proprietary engine of Guerrilla, used for Horizon Zero Dawn. Kojima chose it after going to visit the Dutch studios of Guerrilla Games.

Today, Hermen Hulst, the Managing Director and co-founder of Guerrilla Games, has posted a Tweet in which he revealed that Kojima returned to the Netherlands to show Death Stranding to a very select audience. Apparently they were all amazed at what they saw, including him.

In addition to the message, attached to the tweet at the bottom of this news, there are also two pictures showing the meeting.

Before leaving, we remind you that Death Stranding is a PS4 exclusive. We still do not know the release date of this game, although now it should not be missing very much.

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