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Kojima Productions Reveals Logo Movie Showing Ludens

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Hideo Kojima recently presented a cinematic video with the transition from Kojima Productions logo, the new studio founded by the legendary developer of Konami since leaving.


The new video revealed by Hideo Kojima at Comic-Con in San Diego is not about Death Stranding. It is rather a logo “movie”, a short sequence centered around Ludens, the new mascot of Kojima Productions.

As you know, the first game of this company will be called Death Stranding, in which we could observe a rather disconcerting trailer we received at the Sony press conference at E3 2016.

The figure in this latest video is Ludens, the mascot of Kojima Productions. During a panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, it was announced that Ludens will have 2 action figures that will be developed by 1000 Toys.

The idea behind the video is to show a place where nobody has been before. Ludens seems to take its first steps under water, but when he turns off the visor he seems to be located on a planet similar to the moon, where he plants a holographic flag. Behind him appears a whale, but it is not easy to see whether it is real or virtual.

Asked about the presence of the mascot in Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima has ruled out the possibility. “Kojima Productions is represented in Ludens. The concept is to use high technology to explore the unknown. A Dutch scientist has proposed the idea that the more we play, the more we evolve. This is what I want to express with the Homoludens,” said the famous game director.

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