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Kojima Productions Mascot’s Face Revealed in New Image

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Kojima Productions shared with the specialized gaming website GameSpot, a new image of Ludens, the mascot of the studio. In it, the studio allows us to see the face of this mysterious character for the first time.

Kojima Productions, the new Japanese development studio of the creative Hideo Kojima, has unveiled the face of its new mascot and icon, Ludens, showing more of its appearance, after confirming its name and tech anatomy.

The image is accompanied by the legend “I’ll keep coming”. At the moment, Kojima Productions has not specified if Ludens or any phrase relate to its next project. When questioned about the content of the image, Kojima Productions declined to give details and said “You can freely imagine whatever you see.”

Without further ado I would like to share the image that Kojima Productions has released below:

Kojima Productions Mascot

As you know, when Hideo Kojima revealed Ludens in mid-May, Ken-ichiro Imaizumi, producer of the studio, said the image that was released is not the game in which they are working to bring on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Several weeks ago, Kojima said his next project will be an action game that will appeal to fans of Uncharted. Along with that, Kojima also said it is likely that players will not feel amazed for the first time.

What do you expect from this project? What do you think about the aspect of Ludens? Did you find something that seems to be secretly hidden in the picture? Tell us in the comments section below.