Kojima Productions Teases Female Ludens Design

Fans think it's a character for Death Stranding.

Kojima ProductionsKojima Productions

The trailers of Death Stranding have left more doubts than answers and every time something related to the title is revealed, the fans begin to speculate about its plot and what will be the final product. As part of the New Year celebrations, the official account of Kojima Productions not only congratulated its followers, but it also showed a peculiar design that is already hinting something to talk about.

Before the beginning of 2018, the official account of Kojima Productions wished a happy new year to the fans and thanked for the support received that, according to the studio, allows them to move forward.
Accompanying the congratulation was an image with a feminine design of Ludens, the mascot of the studio, and this gave rise to a series of speculations about the possibility that it is a track around a probable female character for Death Stranding, its next title. The design is far from that of the original mascot and presents a woman with some bionic parts inspired by the space suit.

While it is true that Ludens is the mascot of Kojima Productions and so far the official version is that it will not appear in Death Stranding, it must be taken into account that in 2016 the same studio revealed that the “game” had already begun, inviting the fans to the analysis of all the details present in each revelation.

That is why some think that this type of publications is breaking the fourth wall and offer clues about the history of the new work of Hideo Kojima.

Death Stranding, the next game of Hideo Kojima, will release exclusively on PlayStation 4.


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  • Maybe they are trying to show off the internals of the suit? Ever think about that? Or were you too triggered over Women to make a rational thought?

  • If you can show me the male Ludens wearing a skin tight leo*ard that lovingly outlines his j*nk, you might have a point.

  • Calm down steve shives. Can’t handle a different opinion? Go back to your safe bubble. Let the adults do the talking.

  • This is the first time the internals have ever been shown of the Luden’s suit. Man or female regardless You are a liar. Not only is their no shown Leotard over the g*oin, there is no pointing to it lovingly or otherwise. No arrows, nothing. You are a hyper paranoid se*ual authoritarian. You are deluded in your se*ual perceptions and clammoring for offense. How pathetic.

  • “This is the first time the internals have ever been shown of the Luden’s suit.”
    Strange how a woman has to model the internals.

    “You are a liar. Not only is their no shown Leotard over the g*oin”
    Do you not see how the thigh highs to the left don’t connect to anything? She’s not wearing pants.

    You seem awfully mad for some reason.

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