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Kojima explains why he keeps making AAA games at New Studio

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In the video games event of Nordic Game 2016, in Sweden, Hideo Kojima explained why he decided to continue making AAA titles with his new studio. According to the legendary developer, this was because he wants to give fans exactly what they expect of him.

Hideo Kojima

Yesterday, Kojima attended the event and had a question and answer session in which fans questioned him about various interesting topics. One of the details of its new production is just the first game of Kojima Productions that will be a big title, with a strong investment.

“While meeting friends and acquaintances around the world, they said everybody expects me to make a big title, so I changed direction. So, the first game coming from me will be big” said the developer. Kojima’s ambition is to make a big title with his small team.

With regard to a release date, as expected, he said he could not say exactly when it would happen, but promised to deliver the game as soon as possible.

The father of Solid Snake also revealed that the tour of the studios that was currently implemented has been organized to help find the engine to use for the first game of the new PS4 game of Kojima Productions. At the time of writing this news, Hideo Kojima has not yet revealed the engine on which its choice was.

Recently, Hideo Kojima revealed the mystery that was behind the new logo of the Kojima Productions company. Ludens was the mascot of the developer.

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