Kojima: Death Stranding won’t be a game about dividing players between winners and loser

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The information on Death Stranding, the new video game of Hideo Kojima, father of the Metal Gear series, is still scarce. To the small technical demonstration that was made to the public a few weeks ago we must add new clues that the designer has left in a recent article.

In an article for Glixel, Kojima explains some details about the creative philosophy he is currently following with his new project that he has in hand with Sony.

The goal of Kojima Productions, Kojima’s independent studio since his departure from Konami, is to catch the players in a universe that feels real and that is as immersive as possible during the games.

Kojima has opined about Dunkirk, the last film of Nolan, and how the filmmaker managed to get viewers inside the war thanks to his narrative: “The result is that the movie successfully depicts another facet of war, in which evacuation equates to victory”

The designer admits that in his long career of thirty years making video games he has always tried to get this feeling with the Metal Gear saga, and hopes to take new steps with his new project.

Thus, Kojima has indicated that with Death Stranding he wants to bet more on the connection between the players than on the competition itself.

“Fifty-five years have passed since the creation of the early video game Spacewar!, but video games are still primarily players with sticks fighting each other. They cannot break the curse of using sticks to keep evil away, or defeating enemies. I want to change this,” explains the famous Japanese creative.

In his view, players are already prepared “for a game not based on competition, but on the rope that will bring good to the player and make connections. We don’t need a game about dividing players between winners and losers, but about creating connections at a different level. My current project, Death Stranding, aims to fulfill this goal,” he adds.

Death Stranding is still not having a release date.