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Kojima: Death Stranding will be my best work

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During a presentation at a conference, Hideo Kojima, the famous game developer and creator of the saga of Metal Gear Solid, said his new game for PlayStation 4 and PC, Death Stranding, will be the best title he has ever done.

Death Stranding Screenshot

We still know very little about Death Stranding but Kojima has great confidence in the project and is happy about the participation of Mark Cerny. Hideo Kojima and Mark Cerny held a keynote at Develop Brighton and talked about their upcoming project of Death Stranding. Here Kojima went on especially to his own expectations.

Talking to Mark Cenry, the system architect of PlayStation 4, Kojima was very confident that this will be his best work. The explanation of the developer is that previously their deliveries were seen engaged in some of its areas, but now they have total creative freedom.

“I’m very confident that we’re working towards something completely new and that no one has seen so far. This will be my best work so far, I’m very confident about that,” said Hideo Kojima.

As you may recall, Hideo Kojima surprised everyone in the Sony conference at E3 2016, announcing Death Stranding and appearing on the stage, where he announced that the game will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 4 console, and PC.

For now, there is a possible release date for Death Stranding and Kojima said recently that the game is still at an early stage of development.