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Death Stranding Will Have A Touching Storyline Like Metal Gear Solid, Says Kojima

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Hideo Kojima, as he had promised, showed the gameplay mechanics of Death Stranding closely during the Tokyo Game Show 2019, allowing in the first gameplay video to discover phases of exploration and combat, while in a second gameplay demo we learned that, having returned in a Safe House, the protagonist Sam Porter Bridges will be able to deceive the time with more “light” activities, which even include making faces in the mirror or interacting with the camera (especially if you are going to linger, with the framing, on his family jewels).

The game designer wanted to explain, on social media, the choice to insert this private room of Sam into the game, considering it necessary to lighten the atmosphere:

Death Stranding is the game you feel very lonely during playing it.The nature surrounds you is so beautiful but also relentlessly tough,the mules force to keep fearful tension,and the BTs are so dark & scary,gives you stressed.That’s why this Private Room is necessary.

Also on Twitter, Kojima also took the opportunity to provide details on the tones of the Death Stranding story, anticipating that it will be similar to “Metal Gear Solid”:

I’ve introduced the gimmicks of the gameplay at TGS, however DEATH STRANDING’s story and the world itself is serious and dark tone but a touching storyline like my other titles such as MGS.

With regard to the open world, Kojima took advantage of a tweet from his assistant, Ayako, who recounted his approach to the game and had already said in recent days that he had managed to finish Death Stranding thanks to the difficulty levels proposed by Kojima. In his statements, Ayako explained:

When I got used to it, I enjoyed reading my favorite documents in the private room with favorite music on before get going. You can choose the route to the destination freely by yourself so I intentionally avoided going to the battle zone, but I still geared up just in case.

In this regard, Kojima wanted to explain:

Let’s say there’s BT close by. If you have the confidence to go thru without battle or want to battle you take the weapons to fight against BT. If you don’t want to, then choose the rough mountain route w/o BT but take climbing gear. You have choices like this, new open world game.

Death Stranding will release on PS4 on November 8th.