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Kojima: Death Stranding Is Not A Stealth Game

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Against all odds, Death Stranding will debut this year for PlayStation 4. Yesterday we heard a lot of news about the new Kojima Productions, but there are still some details that will undoubtedly be interesting for the followers of Hideo Kojima.

Although a lengthy gameplay of the title was shown, some players still have doubts about what type of game Death Stranding will be. To clear up this confusion, Kojima said on his Twitter account that Death Stranding will not be a stealth game.

It is a fact that the game will feature stealth mechanics, but Kojima stressed that the central concept of Death Stranding is to be a new action game. “DEATH STRANDING is not a stealth game. It is brand new action game with the concept of connection (strand). I call it Social Strand System, or simply Strand Game,” the creative wrote on social networks.

The above is linked to the new information that PlayStation offered about the gameplay of the title, especially with its online functions. According to the details, we can help other players through asynchronous online games.

This implies that we will not find them in the game, but they will receive supplies, shelters and other items online. “Help other travellers without ever crossing paths via asynchronous online gameplay. Send supplies, share safe houses and walk in the footsteps of fellow couriers to reunite civilisation,” PlayStation wrote.

Also, it is confirmed that the death concept in Death Stranding will not be like in other games. The title of Kojima Productions will not show the end of game screen, because if we lose our lives we will go to a new world, where we will find a way to return to the living.

“There is no traditional ‘game over’ state in Death Stranding. Lose your life during combat and you’ll find yourself in an upside-down realm, searching for a way back to the living. Choose your combat methods carefully, as killing your foe is almost never the solution – and every death carries a consequence,” explained the company.

In addition, we learned that its new trailer was a success on video platforms.

You can play Death Stranding on PlayStation 4 from November 8th, 2019.