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Kojima could cast Kevin Durand, Idris Elba and Emma Stone in Death Stranding?

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After Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and Guillermo del Toro, other stars of the small and big screen could be involved in the project of Death Stranding, at least according to a theory developed by YouTuber YongYea.

Kevin Durand met Hideo Kojima few months ago, although both sides have made it clear that the meeting was based on a very personal nature and not related to the ongoing projects. But nothing prevents things that can be changed in the meantime.

Insofar as regarding Idris Elba, the latter maintains contacts rather frequent with Guillermo del Toro, as we know who is a great friend of Kojima and involved in the project of Death Stranding. The fact that the father of Metal Gear and the famous actor will follow each other on Twitter could be a small clue about a possible collaboration.

Finally, the argument relating to Emma Stone is decidedly more elaborated: we know that Kojima will insert a female character in the game (that rumors would be like played by Stefanie Joosten), the public Japanese game designers often quotes from the movie La La Land, played just from Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, another actor often associated with the project of Death Stranding.

And it is certainly likely that Hideo Kojima wishes to include other actors of outcry in Death Stranding, however the names mentioned at the time have not been absolutely confirmed.

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