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Koei Tecmo will invest more in western market thanks to the success of Nioh

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Yasutomo Watanabe, General Manager of Koei Tecmo, said that the company will continue to invest in the western market thanks to the success of productions like Attack on Titan and in particular Nioh, welcomed in a triumphant by critics and audiences.

Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom sold very well in Europe while Nioh behaved very well both in Europe and in North America. An absolutely positive result for Koei Tecmo, who now will work to publish other great titles for the Western market.

Talking to the microphones of MCV, Yasutomo Watanabe said the following: “Nioh has been particularly challenging, as it’s a brand new IP we’ve been working on for years. It utilised all the resources of our company. We received unequivocal support from our western publisher, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Nioh is performing very well so far so we are very happy with it.”

Nioh has sold over a million copies in the West, becoming the most successful for the publisher outside of the Asian market. The company is planning to launch new titles of Triple A, but it is still early for more details. Nioh has received much acclaim from critics and debuted at second place on the UK charts this week.

This is the birth of a new intellectual property which in future could compensate for the closure of the Souls series of the competitor Bandai Namco, from which it draws obvious inspiration.