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Koei Tecmo Announces Warriors Orochi 4, Releases in 2018 in Japan

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Koei Tecmo announced Warriors Orochi 4, the new crossover chapter that combines the two series of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. At the moment the game has been confirmed only for Japan, with the publication of the game expected by 2018.

As you can see in the teaser trailer announcement reported at the bottom of the news, Koei Tecmo has just announced the new chapter of the game, Warriors Orochi 4, without providing any details on the platforms of destinations, confirming that the game will arrive in Japan during 2018.

If you are wondering why the new series of the title has been numbered with a “3” instead of a “4”, you need to make a small distinction between the Japanese and the Western market.

In fact, in the West, the second chapter of Warriors Orochi (entitled Musou Orochi: Rebirth of the Demon Lord in Japan) was published as Warriors Orochi 2, thus advancing the numbering of the series in Europe and North America. For this reason, what in Japan will be released as Warriors Orochi 3 will be titled as Warriors Orochi 4 in the West.

In any case, all that remains is to wait for further information from Koei Tecmo on the production of the new Warriors Orochi, in the hope that the game can reach even in the West.

While we await news about a western launch date, you can check the game trailer below:

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