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Knights and Bikes announced for PS4

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A few days ago, Foam Sword, a small independent studio formed by several of the minds working in caliber games of Tearaway, LittleBigPlanet and Ratchet and Clank began a campaign financing in Kickstarter for its first title: Knights and Bikes.

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The financing, for the time being, is going well, having achieved more than half of its target in the absence of 21 days after the season, but also the creators of the game today had an important announcement to make to its followers.

And it is that they have, the two members, which composed to include the study of capturing the attention of Sony, which will support the release of the game for PlayStation 4.

Knights and Bikes is a cooperative venture with a very peculiar artistic finish that will surely recall some of the games in which these two developers have worked and which also has influences from The Goonies, Earthbound or Secret of Mana.

Through PS Blog, Rex Crowle and Moo Yu have announced the news, taking the opportunity to share the campaign that is taking place on Kickstarter, where they hope to raise £100,000, or about €127,000.

You can find more information about the project on its Kickstarter website.

Knights and Bikes tells the story of Nessa and Demelza, two young men obsessed with medieval legends of island Penfurzy, a doomed waterfront location. Driven by your imagination and your thirst for adventure
, they embark on an odyssey in search of a hero to save their home from destruction.

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