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Knack II in development for PS4

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Knack II is already in development in a new version for PS4. This is the sequel to the interesting game for the platforms that reached the new generation in 2013.

Far from being a success when it was released to accompany the PS4, Knack could still come back with a second part if we are to believe the CV of an employee working for XPEC Taiwan, which mentions the game.

She says that she is working on a Knack 2 series from May of last year and is working on 3D modeling animated characters as well as the cinematics of the game. Of course for now, it’s worthit to note, but the fact of finding this information on the benefit of a 3D animator working for a studio like XPEC suggests that, indeed, Sony has planned to follow up with the game.

Knack II Leak

However, the way it had been known the development of Knack II for PS4 has not been presented through any official channel. But it had been produced through the Linkedin profile of one of the members of the development team who took almost a year of development for this new game to the Sony console. As we have known through controller crusade everything has been leaked in the professional profile of an animator who works in XPEC Entertainment, the studio that is developing the new release.

The first part, Knack, was designed under the direction of Mark Cerny that has greatly contributed to the development of the PS4. At the time, it was one of the few games to be exclusive to the console. Unfortunately critics have blended on the canvas and the title was criticized technically. We will have to wait for an official information about it, even if the first part of the game had not received a very good reception, this second part could be a little better.